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Fuse applications include communications, computing, measurement, control, NC / CNC machine tools, Fanuc & Yaskawa, Yasnac, Industrial robots and traffic signals along with NEC type ATM (Automatic Teller Machines).

They are common for alarm fuses on sensitive Fanuc, Yaskawa, Yasnac Servo and Spindle drives for transistor protection. Most Daito Fuses have a trip indicator for ease of troubleshooting CNC Machine Tools / Robots and other electronic equipment.

Daito DM03 Fuse
Daito DM03 Fuse
Daito MP32 Fuse
Daito MP32 Fuse

Since the foundation of Daito Communication Apparatus Co in 1948, Daito has used its unique technology to develop a wide range of high­reliability alarm fuses. With advances in microelectronics in recent years, high-density mounting has become an increasingly important factor. Daito first developed high­precision miniature alarm fuses for mounting on printed circuit boards in late 1965. Daito continues to meet the demands of new technology with products such as rectangular micro-fuses for automatic mounting.

Fuses are often considered very simple devices. However, if just one fuse malfunctions in a large system, or fails to cut off as intended, a system stoppage can quickly become a much larger problem, leading to unexpected consequences such as a fire or other disasters. The reliability of fuses is often crucial in ensuring the reliability of a system. For this reason, Daito brings together expertise in electronics, chemistry, physics, metallurgy and precision mechanical engineering to investigate the mechanisms of failure and realize high reliability .Daito Fuse products are used to ensure safety in a wide range of important applications.


Daito fuses meet overseas safety standards such as UL and CSA, in addition to Japanese safety standards, to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, including equipment for export. TÜV test reports are also available for some products. This web site also presents some new products, including chip-type fuses compatible with surface mounting technology, and alarm fuses meeting IEC standards.

At Industeq we offer sales to individuals / Resellers and OEM accounts. Quantity discounts available. Same day shipment and express delivery options available.

Daito UP(100) Fuse
Daito UP(100) Fuse
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